How to make custom vacation destination?

Does anyone know how to make a custom vacation neghborhood on Bon Voyage for TS2, and be able to place it in new neighborhoods after? For example, people make their own and upload them. I can then use theirs for ANY neighborhood I make. How do I do that myself? I'd like to make a hood but if I delete the base 'hood, then all of my work would be gone. :/ Thanks in advance!

Can someone tell me what this is?

My neighborhood is being weird. All of my settings are on high, but the water looks like this,

 photo ScreenShot001_zpsdd932e19.gif

Also, it's not my CC becuase I removed it and looked and it still looked like this. Can anyone tell me why it looks like this? Thanks in advance!
(Sorry for the unregistered thing, being fixed as I type this :) )

Any S3 hacks?

Hey guys! I was just wondering, are there any sims 3 hacks you consider required to make the game better? There's some things that irk me in the game which is why I don't play a lot, but I dont know where to start :P What hacks do you use?
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Any good music?

I wanted to add some new music to my game. I already have S1 music, and I going to search for some S3 music for it right after I post this. Does anyone have any instrumental/karaoke they put into their game? I want some good background music but hearing a whole song in english on sims is weird to me lol. nepheris had told me she uses C418 in her game. Are there any others someone might want to recommend? :) Thank you in advance!
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